Feeling for Success
Making the unimaginable possible!


Emotions and feelings have a significant influence on us, both professionally and privately - for better or worse. Sometimes we act emotionally against our interests, even if a most likely rewarding behaviour or a good solution is at hand. On the other hand, constructive feelings give us drive and energy for extraordinary achievements by overcoming mental boundaries and making the impossible possible. Emotions, feelings and attitudes thus considerably determine our success.

In contact with our true feelings we also have access to our intuition and make - in coordination with a clear mind - better decisions. In this way we move safely, agilely and highly effectively through turbulent times and crises.


You can learn and practice to navigate more effectively through your personal and business life. In harmony with our inner compass we become not only more successful but also happier.


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"What convinced me personally is that the author puts the topic into a practical context and sensitively invites the reader to dive deeper into his or her own world of thoughts, intuition, physical perception, emotions... For all those who have made the choice to live more of what they are, I can warmly recommend this book - it is simply fun to go on a great journey to the land of your feelings with the help of this adventure book!"

The book "Feeling for Success - how feelings bring us further" brings us closer to the interaction with the mind and the emotional 'whisperers'. With catchy pictures and simple exercises it leads us on a journey to more success with feelings. It is an exciting one with unimagined possibilities.

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