Angelika Borissov-Sidler

As a consultant, coach and trainer, Angelika Borissov-Sidler encourages people to live their strengths paired with feelings of success and happiness. Her approach contributes, among other things, to increasing resilience and agility in order to master challenging situations and crises in a short time and to emerge from them stronger. For more than 15 years she has been supporting managers and other committed professionals in increasing their performance and satisfaction as well as in the targeted development of their career.

Prior to this, she worked in Switzerland for 11 years, among other things as a member of management in international groups. During her stay in San Francisco for several years, she discovered how the almost impossible can be achieved with the help of feelings and attitudes when she joined a Silicon Valley start-up. This formative experience prompted her to further immerse herself in the field of personality development and Emotional Intelligence EQ in in-depth training courses.

With her company LivingCorp, she has specialized in the promotion of Emotional Intelligence with more fulfillment and success in everyday professional life. She also gives lectures and workshops.





Alexander Borissov

As a passionate artist, Alexander Borissov created a monumental artwork "The Grand Schoggi" - which, like a chocolate bar, is made to be shared with some 12345 parts, as well as numerous other painings. "The art that connects'" enables art lovers all over the world to be connected to each other as 'partners' of this polyptych and thus to network. Individual parts of his work also illustrate the text in the book "Feeling for Success" and give it a special depth. The part no. 11786 shown on the cover of the book has already been exhibited with his other works in various cities.

His path led him through different activities and cultures: born in Moscow, he first emigrated to London where he worked as a manager in the financial sector. Today he lives with his wife Angelika near Zurich, where he also works in a foundation.

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