With Feelings to joyful Success


Successful people bring not only their experience and skills, but also their emotions and Emotional Intelligence EQ into their daily work. A stronger faith and a sharpened perception open the door to fruitful relationships, intuition and bigger goals. Thus, even challenging situations and crises are mastered with more clarity, energy and ease of decision-making. In this way, you will be able to shape your professional life and your career in a more agile and successful way - in balance with a happier professional and private life.

The consultations, coachings and trainings for people up to the highest management level also promote emotional and mental strength in goal-oriented career management, together with high resilience and the ability to change.

Fields of application are:


  • Orientation and decision-making in everyday working life.
  • Mastering exceptional situations and crises, both professionally and privately.
  • Achieving goals with EQ and mental strength, personal growth.
  • Career development, new placement, outplacement, assessment.
  • Balance of work and private life, more joy and meaning, burnout prevention.
  • Resolve hidden resistance and trauma with Somatic Integrative Method SIM*.
  • Leadership seminars with emotional competence.


Consulting and Coaching


You can achieve more than you sometimes can think of. In career coaching you will recognize the key to success and where you can start turning the key most effectively. You will not only achieve your goals more efficiently, but also more successfully in the long term.

Since the quality of your professional and private relationships also has a significant influence on your career, they will be included and strengthened in the sessions, if so desired. Among other things, partnership topics are also dealt with, so that your life as a whole can flow more easily and you can draw on your full strength.

After a detailed analysis with a determination of your current situation, an attractive and feasible goal is formulated. Your needs, your concerns and your real strengths are taken into account. Depending on your needs, we work on the realization with different methods. Often a certain pivot point, the key, brings the decisive success.

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*SIM - with instant Flow to Result


The Somatic Integrative Method SIM leads to more dynamics and strength on your path to success. Combined with more clarity, strength and Emotional Intelligence EQ, you will progress more easily in your professional and private life - with sustainable results. With this very efficient and effective method you will be able to:


  • Identify your most important goals more easily and implement them effectively.
  • Gain more decision-making power and confidence in your everyday professional life.
  • Lead better, cooperate more effectively and solve conflicts more easily.
  • Use your strengths more meaningfully and productively.
  • Increase your well-being and deal better with stressful situations.
  • Cultivate happier, more nourishing and lively relationships.

The systematic process leads you in the shortest possible time to your key topic which will lead you to the desired, sustainable results. In doing so, you clarify and 'load' your inner system regarding the desired topic, similar to a SIM card. You actively participate in the solution-oriented approach according to your will, be it cognitive-intuitive or via the somatic-physical level with the so-called 'tapping'. With the help of this simple tapping technique you clean up patterns or resistance that have become redundant and transform them into strengths. Thus, remarkable and sustainable changes become possible immediately. The SIM method involves the psychological, mental, physical and systemic levels.


Symbolon Personality Profile®

Use the proven analysis and development tool Symbolon Personality Profile Intensive® to reflect on your current situation and for needs analysis using various works of art:

  • Your strengths, motivation, needs and development potential.
  • Your previous and new professional positioning and orientation-
  • Your challenges and further career steps, out/new placement.

During the roughly 3 hour session you will come into contact with your perceptions, feelings and your Emotional Intelligence on a deeper level. You will gain valuable insights into your current situation, your inner needs and hidden potentials which will help you to advance professionally with confidence. This instrument is suitable for status assessment, needs analysis, career development and goal achievement. There is a detailed written evaluation.

Coaching Art in the Team

Using the Symbolon Art4Reflection® method, you will discuss three works of art that provide solutions to a specific topic or challenge. In the process, self-reflection and the stimulated Emotional Intelligence EQ open up new areas for thoughts and action. You will:


  • Get to know, understand and find each other better as a team.
  • Discover new ways of working together and first steps towards this.
  • Implement solutions and goals more successfully.
  • Further develop the strengths in the team and bring them into play more effectively.

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