PowerZirkel Feeling for Success


with the book of Angelika Borissov


Do you want to advance personally and professionally? Do you want to learn and experience more about the fruitful approach to  Emotions and Feelings?

With Strength to Success


Using the exercises from the book "Feeling for Success - How feelings bring us further" you will learn how to use your strengths and Emotional Intelligence EQ to make use of your possibilities more successfully:

  1. Emotions and feelings as signposts.
  2. Perceive and recognize feelings.
  3. Where feelings come from and what they mean.
  4. Recognizing my strengths and needs with feelings.
  5. How I make feelings work for me.
  6. Overcoming emotional resistance.
  7. How feelings inspire me to succeed.

In the small group you will discover in a confidential setting how to live your life and your relationships more consistently and more fulfilling. During the theme evenings under the guidance of Angelika Borissov, coaching instruments and other methods with voluntary tasks are also used between evenings.


For whom is this PowerZirkel useful?


You are curious, open and want to get ahead personally. At the same time, you are willing to share your thoughts on a deeper level with reflections in the group, enable mutual benefit and grow together.


"I knew intuitively that the PowerCircle would bring me a lot, but I consciously did not have any ideas about possible expectations, let myself be surprised and was very positively surprised. Thank you very much." R.W.


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Your Emotional Profile
Emotional Potential Profiler EPP


The Emotional Potential Profiler EPP is a free online 'test' that shows where you stand in dealing with emotions in everyday business life. You learn where your chances and risks lie and how you can integrate feelings and emotions into your working life. The test is anonymous and takes only 5 minutes to complete.


If you would like to receive additional information about your image interpretation, you can leave your email address at the end of the questionnaire. These personalized answers may take a little longer.


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